You think you’re so damn smart

I saw a video of President Obama trying to explain away his class warfare speech that he gave in Virginia in July 2012. You know the one. The phrase that everyone takes from the speech, “you didn’t build that” is what everyone has focused on. Pro-Obama folks will tell you that he wasn’t talking about the businesses when referring to what was built or not built by the owners of the businesses (or by successful people). “He was talking about the roads!”
Now if you just watched that video alone, Obama comes across as a pretty genuine guy. His tone he uses when talking about his opponents taking his words out of context are spoken with such indignation. Why…he was just trying to rally everyone around business owners!
He isn’t trying to rally the country around business owners, he’s trying to berate them. When talking early in the video about successful people, he mocked them as if they are saying of their success “well it must be because I’m just so smart”. You can hear the laughter of approval in the background as the president speaks these words. He goes on “it must be because I worked harder than everyone else”.
This is not a man that is trying to rally people around business owners. He was preaching to the choir. He was doing a stump speech to justify his rhetoric about taxing the wealthy even more than they are now. After all, how can anyone be against taxing the hell out of those ungrateful rich people since they use the roads and bridges that were made by everyone else? Well that was the plan anyway.
You think you’re so damn smart. You think you work so hard. We all work hard! It’s laughable how juvenile this is, but listen to the cheers.
The problem that Obama has is that he can’t say these things in a vacuum. He has to pander to several groups of people in order to gain their vote and win this election, but the problem is, these groups overlap. There are plenty of hard-working, buysiness-owning Democrats in the US, and when they hear this stuff, it doesn’t exactly resonate! Whoops. Time to backtrack. There was a meeting that took place somewhere discussing the strategy to try and fend off the mistake made while giving that speech. I guess the winning formula was to blame others for taking his words out of context, and paint a picture of him trying to rally the troops behind the business owners.
But how does he get in this mess in the first place? I’m pretty sure I know how. Have you ever heard how it is much easier to tell the truth, since you don’t have to remember anything? Well Obama is just like a liar that has to remember a story when he goes “off-prompter”. He actually believes in the stuff he spoke about in Virginia. He is a European-Socialist kinda guy. He thinks government has the answers to all of our problems. It’s in his nature to stand before a crowd of people and feed them a bunch of rhetoric designed to incite anger and resentment toward those “more fortunate” and make them believe that those very people got to where they are today on the backs of the rest of us proletarians using “our” money and labor.
What crap.

The Long and Arduous Journey to Academic Excellence

I have an Aunt that just informed me that she has completed her Associates Degree in Criminal Justice.

I know the knee-jerk reaction of people would be to praise her and tell her how she should be proud of herself, etc. After all, she’s 62 years old, and it’s never too late to get an education. Blah blah blah.

Forgive me for not being impressed.

Not only am I not impressed but it has cheapened the entire concept of a college education in my mind. Before I ramble on too far, let me justify my attitude with an illustration. Nearly a year ago, I received a text message from my Aunt soliciting help. Here’s the conversation:

What do I do with that? Seriously. There was no context given. There was no previous discussion of her studies. In fact, I had no idea she was taking classes. This was just sent out of the blue.

I thought…maybe she could better express herself with an email. It could be the cell phone that’s keeping her back. So I asked her to send the problems via email. I suggested that she copy and paste what the professor has assigned. This is what I got from her:

1.3the exercise #5
You have to multiple and also make simple.
5.) 17/18 3/5
Multiple 17 3 and also you need to multiple 18 5 and this comes up to 51/90 then you need to make this simple 3 goes into every number evenly so you have an answer of 51/90=17/30


She told me that’s what the professor sent to her. Unlikely. It would appear as though she was to multiply and simplify fractions; a task that I believe I learned in the 4th or 5th grade. This doesn’t explain the numbers from the cell phone conversation, but it’s really not the point. What I would like to know is, what sort of institution would find a person like my Aunt worthy of any sort of degree? I know that her daughter finished much of her course work, but were there no exams?

I never heard from her again about anything regarding her classes until this weekend. I have recently become addicted to homemade yogurt parfaits, so I posted a photo of one of my concoctions on Facebook. This was her comment regarding my picture:

It does look yummy wish you could come to my graduation get together on the 12 graudate the 6th

Never mind the Facebook etiquette. Was this a serious invitation? I really don’t know. She only lives 1000 miles away, maybe I could swing by! I then got this private message from her overnight:

Keinn send me a card want to keep them to remember everyone

I don’t mind the misspelling of my name really. But isn’t this a bit audacious? Wouldn’t it be a bit more proper to send out invitations? I’m not exactly Ann Landers or anything, but “hey, send me a card” seems a bit crass for even me. She wants to remember everyone? Hey, I’m on your Facebook. It’s gonna be pretty hard to forget me. What this is, in reality, is a solicitation for money. You’re just gonna have to trust me on this one.

I’m not going to send a card, but I’m not sure what to do. I’ll probably just blow her off.

Passing Multiple Parameters to a Crystal Report Programmatically

A very straight forward method to pass multiple parameters to a Crystal Report at run time using C# and

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SEC Cooler Talk

I took my wife to get a procedure done at a local hospital today, and while I was waiting, I heard a couple of “good ol’ boys” talking SEC Football. Of course they were talking about this past weekend’s SEC Championship Game, among other things:

Florida just didn’t come ready to play. They weren’t ready to play Alabama, that’s for sure.

If only Urban Meyer had talked to these two prior.

They went on and on talking about SEC football, and how superior the conference was to the others in the nation. One of the guys talked about how there were several teams that were still undefeated going into the bowl games. He listed the teams as:

  • Alabama
  • Texas
  • Florida
  • TCU
  • Boise State

Yes, they listed Florida as one of the “undefeated” teams in the same conversation where they both agreed that Florida wasn’t ready to play on Saturday. Of course, the team that they forgot to mention was Cincinnati, which happens to be the team that Florida will play in the Sugar Bowl. I wanted to turn around and correct them, but what does this Yankee know?

The conversation went on about how TCU and Boise State might be undefeated, but they don’t play in the SEC, so it’s just not the same thing. I will agree with this to a degree, but they took it a bit too far. They both agreed that even the worst team in the SEC could beat just about any of the other conferences’ best teams. (Never mind the fact that Vanderbilt lost to Army this year.)

Sure TCU is undefeated, but look who they play!

Again, I wanted to turn around and ask them if they knew that Utah was in the same conference as TCU…and ask them if they remember how Utah did in their bowl game last year. Does 31-17 ring a bell?

SEC Football is no doubt fun to watch, and I’d agree that they have the best conference in the nation. But I can’t buy into the fact that they are so far ahead of the rest of the nation. The gap isn’t that large really. If anything, the gap between some of the traditionally less  competitive schools and the powerhouses has gotten smaller.

One way to settle it. Let’s have a playoff!

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I can forgive some things…

One of my favorites. The ol’ then vs. than befuddlement.

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Obama’s Speech

I watched President Obama make his “case for war” speech while I was doing some cardio work at the gym this evening. I have not poisoned my brain with the analysis of the talking heads yet, so I wanted to put my thoughts down before I read anyone else’s opinion.

What strikes me is the guy can’t stop pointing fingers at President Bush. He seems to take jabs at him as if he’s running against him in some sort of political campaign. He started off the speech by basically saying that we would have won the war back in 2001/02 if we hadn’t been involved in Iraq. He’s up there giving a speech to an auditorium full of cadets as the Commander in Chief, and he puts on a full-blown demonstration of finger pointing.

He seems to always talk about how we’ve done <insert perceived bad US policy here> for far too long, and now he’s going to come riding in on his white horse and fix it. We’ll see.

I’d like to see more focus on the future, and more leadership from our president than playing the political blame game that seems to do so often.

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Beer Commercials

I just love how beer commercials in the US can’t show the people actually drink the beer. For one reason or another, the FCC frowns on it. I suppose it’s not just beer, but any alcohol product. This is a perfect example of the “Big Brother” nature of the Federal Government in the US. What exactly is the reasoning behind this regulation? Are there some people out there that believe people just pour these beverages in glasses and stand around with hot chicks?

Thank God the government is there for us. If they showed the people in the beer commercials actually consuming the products that are being advertised, we might actually learn how to consume them. I wonder how many people go out, but a six-pack, bring it home, pour a glass then sit and wonder what is next?

I’m gonna guess…not too many.

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Political Correctness

Earlier this week, I read a story about a photograph of First Lady Michelle Obama that had been altered to resemble a monkey. Apparently, the image was so offensive that Google found it necessary to issue an apology for the image because it showed up in an image search using the First Lady’s name. The person that really needs to apologize is the “artist”…for his extremely lackluster Photoshop skills.

What I would like to know is, if anyone asked for the apology. And if not, why would Google find in necessary to issue an apology?

The question is somewhat rhetorical. I do know that the reason for the apology is that we live in a world that has become polluted with political correctness. Members of the black race have become, for all intents and purposes, beyond reproach in many circles. We’ve come to a point where something as juvenile as the Obama picture must be addressed by a company as large as Google.

When I read about this story, I was curious to see if there were any comparable  images of the former First Lady. I did a GIS (Google Image Search) for “Laura Bush” and on the first page, I found this little gem. Now I don’t know about everyone, but I’m sure many would say this images is more offensive than the Obama photo. But would anyone really expect Google to issue an apology because it happens to show up in a search query?

Is there any denying that there is a double standard when it comes to dealing with these matters, depending on the race of the individuals involved? When it comes to political correctness, Mrs. Bush belongs to an “unprotected” group. That group of course, is “white”. There simply is no reason for a company or business to be concerned over any perceived racial insensitivities when the subject is white. There is no advocacy group that will toll the bells of outrage when people of the white race are analyzed,  criticized or satirized.

…and if there were, it would probably be labeled a hate group.

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