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Political Correctness

Earlier this week, I read a story about a photograph of First Lady Michelle Obama that had been altered to resemble a monkey. Apparently, the image was so offensive that Google found it necessary to issue an apology for the image because it showed up in an image search using the First Lady’s name. The person that really needs to apologize is the “artist”…for his extremely lackluster Photoshop skills.

What I would like to know is, if anyone asked for the apology. And if not, why would Google find in necessary to issue an apology?

The question is somewhat rhetorical. I do know that the reason for the apology is that we live in a world that has become polluted with political correctness. Members of the black race have become, for all intents and purposes, beyond reproach in many circles. We’ve come to a point where something as juvenile as the Obama picture must be addressed by a company as large as Google.

When I read about this story, I was curious to see if there were any comparable  images of the former First Lady. I did a GIS (Google Image Search) for “Laura Bush” and on the first page, I found this little gem. Now I don’t know about everyone, but I’m sure many would say this images is more offensive than the Obama photo. But would anyone really expect Google to issue an apology because it happens to show up in a search query?

Is there any denying that there is a double standard when it comes to dealing with these matters, depending on the race of the individuals involved? When it comes to political correctness, Mrs. Bush belongs to an “unprotected” group. That group of course, is “white”. There simply is no reason for a company or business to be concerned over any perceived racial insensitivities when the subject is white. There is no advocacy group that will toll the bells of outrage when people of the white race are analyzed,  criticized or satirized.

…and if there were, it would probably be labeled a hate group.

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