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Obama’s Speech

I watched President Obama make his “case for war” speech while I was doing some cardio work at the gym this evening. I have not poisoned my brain with the analysis of the talking heads yet, so I wanted to put my thoughts down before I read anyone else’s opinion.

What strikes me is the guy can’t stop pointing fingers at President Bush. He seems to take jabs at him as if he’s running against him in some sort of political campaign. He started off the speech by basically saying that we would have won the war back in 2001/02 if we hadn’t been involved in Iraq. He’s up there giving a speech to an auditorium full of cadets as the Commander in Chief, and he puts on a full-blown demonstration of finger pointing.

He seems to always talk about how we’ve done <insert perceived bad US policy here> for far too long, and now he’s going to come riding in on his white horse and fix it. We’ll see.

I’d like to see more focus on the future, and more leadership from our president than playing the political blame game that seems to do so often.

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