Twitter’s Retweet Feature

A stranger in your bed? This is one comparison that I’ve seen in reaction to the new RT feature on Twitter. If you’ve not heard, the new Retweet will no longer display the Avatar for the person doing the retweeting, but rather, the Avatar of the original sender.  This will result in unfamiliar avatars being displayed in your Twitter Feed.

So farking what?

It’s not as if the @name wasn’t already showing up before. Is there some sort of privacy issue here? No. Not anymore than already exists if one is using Twitter.

Things change. Technology evolves. Deal.

Yes, I understand that change shouldn’t happen just for the sake of change, <cough, 2008 Election, cough>but that isn’t the case here at all. There is some sound logic for revamping the retweet.

I think Twitter has this one right.

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One thought on “Twitter’s Retweet Feature

  1. I found that feature before, but they are still in beta.
    Only selected users can have that (now the selected group of users are in very large size! )

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