Turn On Your Friggin’ Lights

I was on my way home today, and as I left the parking lot where I work I noticed it was a bit overcast, so I switched on my lights. It’s just something that I have gotten in the habit of doing. I figure if my lights are on, it makes it easier for other cars to see me.

As I drove, I noticed that there were others that share my habit, as I noticed every fifth or sixth car also has its headlights on. Then I noticed something that really has me baffled. I have seen this countless times over the years. For whatever reason, there are people that find it necessary to only turn the light switch to the first position, which only lights the running lights of the car. I have seen drivers use these lights just before dusk. What exactly is going through their mind? “Well, it’s sort of dark, but not really dark enough for the actual headlights. Maybe I’ll switch on these running lights for a few minutes until I actually need the headlights to see”.

I just don’t get it. I almost want to follow one of these people and ask them at their destination: “Can’t you just take the extra effort and switch it one more position? Is it that much work? Can’t you understand that the headlights are more for others than they are for you?”

In Alabama where I live, it is required to have the headlights on when it’s raining. I have heard of a few people this summer getting pulled over and ticketed by the police for failing to obey this law. If I were a cop, I’d let the people slide if they had no lights on, and pull over the ones with their running lights on. I’d be sure to have a pair of gloves with me, and when I went to ask them why they didn’t just turn on the lights all the way, after hearing their lame explanation, I’d slap them in the face with my gloves. Then I’d walk away and not say a word.

Watch me rant



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