TweetDeck for iPhone

Tweetdeck for iPhone Version 1.1.1 was released last week, and overall I am happy with the application. Of course, since I am writing this post, you might imagine that I have also found something worthy of criticism.

The biggest enhancement in the latest version is the Facebook integration. I have been looking forward, as I am sure other Tweetdeck users have as well, for the iPhone application to include this feature that has been a part of the desktop version for months. The issue that I have is with this new feature. More specifically, the functionality of replying to a Facebook status or comment. Let’s take a look at the screen in the iPhone Facebook application that we use to reply to a comment:

Facebook Reply

Facebook Comment Page

There is nothing fancy about the page, but it’s what we’d expect to see when typing a comment or a reply on the iPhone. Similarly, when sending a tweet using Tweetdeck, the screen is what we’d expect to see:

New Status

New Status Screen

By tapping the buttons near the top of the screen, users can toggle the Twitter and Facebook buttons to select one or both applications, giving full control of which applications you want to post to. This is nearly identical to the functionality of the desktop application.

Now let’s look at the screen we are presented with when replying to a friend’s status or post in a Facebook column from within Tweetdeck:

Facebook Reply

Comment to Facebook Status

I’m not sure I fully understand why this small dialog box is used as a comment dialog. The space is far too small, as comments exceeding 25-30 characters cannot be reviewed without scrolling in the tiny box. What should be used here is something similar to the first two examples.

Overall, I am very happy with the newest version of the Tweetdeck Application for the iPhone, but this oversight should be fixed in the next release.


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